The Bv 206, achieves extremely low ground pressure through full-length, wide rubber tracks and a lightweight body. The two sections of the vehicle are articulated, allowing it to keep contact with the ground over broken terrain. The Bv 206 is currently being used by the British, Icelandic and Canadian search and rescue services. They are also used for search and rescue services in the Australian alpine region.


The Bv 206 is in service with the armed forces of France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Singapore. The vehicle can carry the driver and 17 combat equipped troops — six in the front compartment and eleven in the rear. The Bv 206 can be under slung and air lifted by Boeing CH-47 Chinook and Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters or carried in the C130 Hercules airplane.


Hunters, survivalists and outdoorsmen all over the world have found the many uses of the Bv 206. The ground pressure is low enough that the vehicle can traverse loose snow without sinking. The vehicle is amphibious, and propelled in water by its tracks and the units can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of any customer.